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Student Entertainment Committee at URI

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SEC has four sub-committees:
Concerts: brings large and small, famous and local musicians and artists
VIP: brings speakers, actors, reality TV stars, public figures, etc
 Special Events: brings comedians, hypnotists, magicians, daytime distractions, etc
Advertising: is in charge of promoting SEC as a whole.  It's major events are Winterfest and Springfest, and this committee thinks of the theme and ways to incorporate the other committees
Each committee holds a weekly meeting. Everyone is welcome to come to the meetings and give us your thoughts and ideas about who you would like SEC to bring to URI. 

Feel free to join as many committies as you want! If you can't come to every weekly meeting, it's OK! Just ask to be on the sub-committee's e-mail list OR check back on the website for surveys so you can still vote, even if you can't make it to meetings.

New Meeting Times for Spring '09:
Concerts: Mondays, 6pm, 193 Degrees Coffee House
Special Events: 5pm, Commuter Lounge
VIP: Wednesdays, 6pm, Room 308
Advertising: Thursdays, 5pm, SEC Office
All meetings are in the Memorial Union.

Student Entertainment Committee * Memorial Union * Room 208